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“I Actually Shared An Apartment With Davido When I Moved Back To Nigeria,” Tiwa Savage says.

Tiwa Savage, a prominent Nigerian singer and songwriter, has stated that when she moved to Nigeria from abroad, she shared an apartment with David.

Thebeat99fm posted a video of Tiwa Savage and Davido online a few hours ago. Tiwa Sawa Savage was seen in the footage talking to the audience while carrying a microphone. She was putting on a polo shirt and a shot. Tiwa Savage confessed to the crowd that when she first arrived in Nigeria, she was residing at Davido’s residence.
“I know a lot of people don’t know this, but when I returned back to Nigeria in 1004, I was really sharing an apartment with David,” Tiwa Savage added. Davido, I am really proud of you.” She, on the other hand, said that she and Davido have been friends for ten years.

Some viewers of the video have expressed mixed feelings about Tiwa Savage’s statement.Take a look at how people reacted in the video below??

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