“Her mother advised her against going out on that particular day.” — An alleged relative of a woman k!lled by r!tualists alleges she hung out with a Yah00 boy.

The mother of the 22-year-old lady slain by suspected r!tualists in Osun state reportedly told her not to leave the house on the day she went missing on March 9.

The young lady, named as Shakirat, was previously believed to have been gruesomely murdered and her body dumped behind her mother’s shop in Oke-Oore, Iwo, Osun state.

According to unconfirmed claims from Basheer Ola, a man based in Iwo, Osun state, who said he obtained the information from a member of his team who is related to the deceased, Shakirat’s mother advised her not to go out on Tuesday, but she was determined and went out anyway.

According to the relative, she has not slept at her mother’s house since Tuesday and is apparently sleeping at a ‘Yah00 Boy’s’ home.

Take a look at Basheer’s post below.”

“About my team’s point of view this evening. This girl is also my younger sister, but her mother contacted her on Tuesday and told her not to go where she claimed she was going, which she refused to do.”Her mummy dragged with her hair bead and her phone fell, according to the report. Instead of obeying her mother, she abandoned her mother and her phone.”She came to a venue where I met her and she was viewing a film there yesterday morning about 11 a.m. at oja ale in pankuku side.” I eventually left her there. I found out afterwards that she had d!ed.

“However, the most amazing thing I’ve learned from this situation is that we must obey our parents.” She hasn’t slept at her mother’s house since Tuesday. She’s spending time with yahoo boy.”

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