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“Have we been fornicating?” says the Ikoyi Marriage Registry. — Simi, a singer, asks Adekunle Gold a question in response to concerns that the register is invalid.

Following the invalidation of weddings performed at the Ikoyi Marriage Register by a Federal High Court in Lagos, Nigerian singer Simi, who married her husband, Adekunle Gold, at the same registry years ago, has questioned him on where their marriage stands as a result of the move.

It was previously reported that a legal dispute existed between the Federal Government of Nigeria and Local Government Areas over who had the authority to issue marriage certificates, and that as a result, a High Court ruled in favor of the LGAs, rendering all marriages certified by the FG null and void.In response to the news, the mother of one took to Twitter to question her husband whether this meant their three-year marriage is null and void, and that they’ve been “fornicating” since then.”Have we been fornicating, Ngbor, Adekunle Gold?” Simi was the one who inquired.”My own na make them do refund,” her husband responded.


The federal government has denied allegations that the Federal High Court in Lagos has declared all marriages performed by the Ikoyi marriage register null and void.The Permanent Secretary and Principal Registrar of Marriages, Ministry of Interior, described the reports as “false, misleading, and a deliberate distortion of the Court’s decision in Suit No: FHC/L/CS/816/18 between Eti-Osa Local Government Council & 3 others” in a statement released Tuesday evening.The whole statement can be found here.The Ministry of Interior has been alerted to reports circulating on social media that the Federal High Court in Lagos has ruled all marriages conducted by the Ikoyi marriage registry to be unlawful and void.

In that instance, the experienced trial judge found that nothing in the Constitution’s definition of municipal government indicated that it can conduct or contract marriages as claimed in the complaint. The Court confirmed that the President’s Legal Notices grant local governments the authority to contract statutory marriages.The Court also confirmed that municipal governments’ constitutional responsibility is restricted to the registration of all types of marriages (including Islamic and customary marriages).Instead of appealing the ruling, the same plaintiffs filed a new lawsuit in 2016: Egor Local Government, EtiOsa Local Government, and 2 others v Hon, Minister of Interior, and 2 Others.

The Court ruled that the Suit was an abuse of court system since it could not be asked to make another ruling on the same issue, which would result in contradictory conclusions from the same court, and dismissed the case.The same issue was decided in Olumide Babalola vs Ikeja Local Government and the Registered Trustees of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) in Suit No. LD/1343/GCM/2016, which was delivered on May 15, 2017.The Court found that, while marriage registration is governed by local governments and falls under the concurrent list, marriage formation is within the Exclusive Legislative List, which is governed by the Federal Government and governed by the Ministry of Interior. It is also worth noting that the question of formation, annulment, and other matrimonial issues is entirely reserved for the Federal Government under item 61 of the 1st Schedule of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The general public is reminded that all of these judgements are still in effect, are competent, and have not yet been appealed.In addition, the current Federal High Court decision, delivered by Hon. Justice D. E. Osiagor of Court 6, cannot overturn a previous decision of the same Court, which is of collaborate jurisdiction, because that would amount to the court sitting on appeal over its own judgment.

In light of these situations, the Federal Government has applied for a certified true copy of the judgment through the Ministry of Interior, and will take appropriate further action, including but not limited to filing an appeal in respect of this conflicting and confusing decision, in accordance with the Constitution’s provisions.We would like to appeal to the general public, the international community, couples who had their marriages solemnized at Federal Marriage Registries by duly licensed places of worship in the past, and all intending couples to remain calm and carry on with their normal business at all Federal Marriage Registries throughout the federation in accordance with statutory and legitimate provisions.

The general public is asked to take attention of the above and maintain the status quo. Permanent Secretary/Principal Registrar of Marriages Dr. Shuaib Belgore

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