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Grandma, 61, and her 24-year-old husband are planning a surrogacy pregnancy.

Cheryl McGregor, a 61-year-old American grandma, recently married her 24-year-old man, Quran McCain, and has announced that they intend to have a baby through surrogacy.

They chose a surrogate pregnancy after failing to conceive normally, according to her.

“We prefer surrogacy, but we’ve seen a lot of people get into legal trouble long after the child is born. We’re searching for a decent surrogate who’s ready to sign a contract promising to have no involvement with the child after it’s born.” We don’t want anyone trying to produce a baby for us for financial benefit because we aren’t particularly wealthy. We’re seeking for a multiracial baby to adopt so the child would know, “I have half black and half white parents,” Quran McCain said.

Cheryl already has seven children and seventeen grandchildren, but she and her 24-year-old husband believe they are entitled to have their own children.Cheryl’s daughters were considered to carry the couple’s child at first, but both had hysterectomies and were therefore unfit.Cheryl acknowledged that she may not be around for their children for long due to her age, but she trusts her husband to raise them well.

In her words;

“We recognize that I may not be able to stay as long as Quran, but I trust him.” He can do it if I am not available. He’ll make a wonderful parent, and he’ll be a responsible adult. I had tremendous confidence in his ability to raise our child and do it successfully.”The duo became famous after posting video recordings of themselves on TikTok. Quran McCain and the 61-year-old granny from Rome, Georgia, met in 2012 while both worked at the American fast food company Dairy Queen.

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