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“Funke Akindele’s treatment of me after my marriage fell apart” — Princess, comedienne (Video)

Princess has mentioned actress Funke Akindele as one of the people who supported her when her marriage to Adeshola Jeremiah ended in divorce in 2013.

Princess confessed in an interview with media personality Jude Jideonwo that she was sad and felt like her life had come to an end after she and her estranged spouse split up.

During her conversation with Jude, she recounted how Funke Akindele reached out to her and provided her with support during those difficult moments.

“Funke Akindele contacted me and said, “Princess Kilonshele, I heard you almost sobbed yourself to death,” which I’m sure she’ll remember. I’m telling you, Chude, I sobbed, I got sick, and I lost weight. I told her in Yoruba that “ah Funke” meant “my life is over.””She asked why will you say that, and I said that you can’t see what happened to my marriage, and she replied that you didn’t hear what happened to mine.” I told Funke that your situation is different from mine; at the very least, you lived at your husband’s house for a year. And she asked, “Princess, what are you talking about?” And she said to me, “I’m in Enugu filming,” and I replied, “Please let me pay for your plane ticket, and come meet me.”

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