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Fugitive wanted for raping twin 4-year-old girls, all smiles after getting arrested (Photos)

Police in Pennsylvania, United States, have finally apprehended a fugitive wanted for raping twin 4-year-old girls.

The man identified as Isaiah Metz is shown all smiles in photos released online as he is led by police officers in Manhattan, New York, on Wednesday, April 20.Isaiah was accused of sexually defiling twin 4-year-old children and was branded a wanted man.He was detained by two police officers on Tuesday morning, April 21, but he assaulted them before leaving.
He hit two officers in the head and bit one of their arms, according to the police, before fleeing.The cops were then transferred to Bellevue Hospital for treatment before being released to continue their search for the culprit.Following their release, the officers assisted in the arrest of the 22-year-old suspect, who was hiding at a homeless shelter in Yonkers at around 11 p.m. that same day.In a court hearing on Wednesday, April 20, Metz was charged with rape, assaulting police officers, resisting arrest, and impeding governmental administration, in addition to the r@pe charge.

Meanwhile, the guy has been widely chastised on social media for showing no remorse for defiling the young kids.See more photographs in the gallery below.


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