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“Forced marriage” — Reactions to the bride refusing to kiss her groom during their wedding

People are talking about a viral video of a bride who refused to kiss her spouse on their wedding day.

The presiding clergyman requested that the pair share their first official kiss after exchanging wedding vows, but the bride refused despite her husband’s repeated attempts.Despite the cheers from the guests, the groom tried numerous times to kiss his bride, but she refused. He planted the kiss on her cheek as the bride, who was wearing a melancholy expression, kept removing her face to avoid her husband’s kiss.The bride’s expression and reaction to the kiss led some social media users to believe the marriage was forced.

Below are some comments.

@Riyiadeblack, “They forced her out of the marriage since she wasn’t satisfied with it.”

@bae.sparkles, “She appears to be quite enraged; is she being forced to marry or is she in distress?”

@iamdx2, “It’s like dey sale am giving the man….,” she says.

@realsheila chimdimma, “This appears to be a forced marriage, chaiiiii odirokwa mma.”

what’s your opinion about this??

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