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For bleaching her skin, a Nigerian woman was sacked from her job.

According to reports, a Nigerian woman was sacked from her job because her bleached complexion made customers feel uneasy.Her boss, who goes by the Twitter handle @IkotSharon, announced it on the social media platform.According to her, the employer had no choice but to fire the woman because she couldn’t serve customers with her dark knuckles.

She claimed that management considered moving the woman to another department so she wouldn’t have to deal with clients, but she declined.Customers had complained that her complexion made her appear dirty, so they advised she wear gloves, but she resisted, and they had to terminate her.Take a look at what she wrote below.

“So a lady got fired today because her knuckles were dark while her body was white since she bleached so badly.” We had to let her go because she clearly couldn’t serve visitors with those hands.I’m not against whitening your skin, as long as you do it correctly.We do not discriminate against employees with disabilities of any kind.
We offered to transfer her off the floor due to concerns about how untidy she appeared, but she declined. She had the option of wearing gloves as well.We conduct medical examinations on all employees and determine the best strategies to manage them.

see her tweet below 👇

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