Final bus stop at the Third Avenue

Third Avenue, an original comedy series from Accelerate TV, has taken us on a thrilling adventure through all 12 episodes with rib cracking scenarios and wild experiences involving our favorite housemates, T-Boy, Leo, and Kimberly.

The show’s last episode is a must-see for anyone looking for comprehensive entertainment as Kimberly gives up her castle and everything in it in order to start a new life with her newfound love, a sugar daddy who proves to be the last stop on her quest for true love. Then when everything appears to be going smoothly, her past comes knocking. Will Kimberly be ready to fulfill her quest for a new life, or will she have to start over?

Third Avenue was directed by Tope Alake, produced by Bami Gregs & Esse Akwawa, and powered by Accelerate TV. The show features actors such as; David Jones David who plays the role of T-Boy, Jidekene Achufusi presented Leo, Lilian Afebgai played as Kimberly, and Bami Gregs and Tope Olowoniyan played Mia and Pamela, respectively.

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