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Fans pray for Sammie after he admits that life hasn’t been easy since he left BB. Naija

Netizens have expressed their sincerest sympathies to Big Brother Naija star Sammie after he revealed his difficulties since leaving the reality show.Sammie revealed on Twitter that things haven’t been easy for him because he doesn’t know anyone in the industry and has to go above and beyond to get things done.

He claims that he is only surviving because of God, his team, and his fans, but he remains grateful.”If I had some kind of favor or knew anyone in the industry before I got into BBN, maybe things would have been a lot easier for me,” he tweeted, “but I have to really go out of my non-sociable personality to link some people to help me get stuffs done.” Everything about the business is still new to me. I’m just moving forward and relying on God, my teams, and my fans. Grateful.”

Many people felt sorry for him and prayed in the comments section that things would improve for him.
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“I feel you, Sammy,” chimz wrote. It can only get better.”

“May God help you,” thatsophiagirl wrote. So many of my current problems stem from the fact that I don’t know or have anyone to turn to. I’ll have to figure it out on my own. It’s draining, but what else can we do? “God help me, I’m Sammy.”

“God, I pray on this day that Sammie gets all the help and support he needs to become a better person very soon,” teeto olayeni wrote.

babsneh001: However, if it weren’t for BBN, this would be a fact. I had never met Sammie before, but I adore him.

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