Every Man for Himself: Nigerians Declare That Annie Idibia’s Ranting Brother Is Not Entitled to Her Wealth

Popular Nigerian actress, Annie Idibia’s elder brother, Wisdom sparked massive reactions when he seriously called out his sister.

Wisdom accused Annie of not helping him and introducing him to substances while turning him to an errand boy

The issue got messy on social media and Legit.ng feel the need to asked its readers whether the actress is entitled to her family and most of them feel she is not

The not so friendly social media outburst between actress, Annie Idibia and his brother, Wisdom has got many Nigerians talking online. Wisdom shared a video online where he critically called out Annie for making him her slave and not giving him a car she promised him sometimes ago.

In light of his rant, Legit.ng decided to conduct a social media poll to know if the popular ‘family is everything’ saying mean Annie’s brother is entitled to her wealth.

Majority of the people who participated in the poll feel the actress in is not entitled to Wisdom. Just 5 percent of the people feel she is entitled because they are family member, while a whopping 54.3% declared that she is not because life is all man for himself. 26.5 of the voters feel she should be responsible to her family to an extent while 14.2 percent are indifferent about the topic.


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