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Ekiti election: Ladies happily show off their proceeds after selling their votes (video)

A video of a group of women rejoicing after allegedly selling their votes in Ekiti state’s gubernatorial elections has gone viral, generating outrage on social media.The females, who were all holding their permanent voter’s cards, are shown flaunting the money they made from the swift sale in the video.The women swung their wads of cash in front of the camera, grinning and making happy noises.

Many Nigerians have condemned the ladies for their actions after seeing the video. As you scroll down, you’ll see several comments.

@damie_iam, “no matter the campaign and preaching against vote selling, some people will still be greedy and adamant ???”.

@only1kingsouljavii_hsk, “Imagine nd na dis once won vote nxtyr ???una nva know anything iku kpa everybody ?”.

@spreeclothing_uyo, “This is the major issues that needs to be worked on, make them know say even 50k per vote, e no go reach 2days e go finish na another 4years of suffer be DAT ooo ???”.


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