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During a church service, a man was caught on camera betting on his phone [VIDEO].

A man was caught on camera betting on his phone during a church service this is shock 😲 read below 👇

A young man’s sports betting addiction has gotten out of hand, as he was caught checking his BetWay results inside church while the service was in progress.

The unidentified man is seen scrolling through the betting site in a video obtained by 9jadailyupdates.com, most likely to see if he won the previous bet he placed.

What has people talking on social media is that the man couldn’t wait for the service to end so he could look over his bets and checking his Betway results, and he was doing it as a vocalist was ministering a spirit-filled song, and he didn’t seem to care that he was in God’s presence.

This reflects the times we live in, as many people would rather have material possessions and worldly goods than the gospel. However, what can we say, given the country’s hardships, many people have been forced to choose this lifestyle.

what can you say about this?

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