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Dowen College tells parents that the school will go online after the Lagos State Government closed it down following the death of a student who was allegedly mistreated by other students.

Dowen College has informed its parents and students that the academic session will be continued online following the Lagos State Government’s decision to close the school indefinitely.

The school will remain closed until the inquiry into the death of Sylvester Oromoni Jr., who was allegedly tortured in school by other students, is completed, according to the state government.Students were first asked to stay at home for two days, with the expectation that they would return next week for exams. This sparked uproar among Nigerians, who wondered why the institution was still holding exams while a kid died as a result of an alleged event at the school.

Following the announcement by the Lagos State Government that the school will be closed indefinitely, Dowen College has delivered another communication to parents and students.Dowen told parents that they would continue to use the internet. Take a look at the mail, courtesy of LIB.
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