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Don’t let your past define your future; I once a plantain hawker, says Biodun Okeowo.

Biodun Okeowo, often known as Omoborty, is a Nollywood actress who, like other celebrities, has endured adversity.”I believe in hard work,” the single mother of two, who has developed a thick skin over the years to weather various critiques, says she is pleased that individuals who didn’t believe in her dream a few years ago are now striving hard to be in her good books. Continue to work hard; one day, those who don’t believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.

Don’t give up; keep pushing. I used to be a plantain vendor. I refused to let my past dictate my future. My detractors are at my back, as are my troubles, which are also at my back, but the Holy Ghost is totally behind me,” she said.

In response to unfavorable comments on her social media pages, particularly on Instagram, the curvy movie star stated that she supports the right to wear freely. “I’m a really open and playful person, but I believe Nigerians have this dressing attitude.” They assume you are unable to dress as you choose. However, I believe that you should wear in whichever way makes you feel most comfortable. I’m not looking at anyone. Trolls that go to the trouble of creating bogus pages to troll me, I’d advise you to spend your time productively. Instagram is a business where no one pays rent. Smart people make a lot of money doing things like business, showbiz, talent discovery, and so on, so strive to make your time worthwhile. As for me, o, all the phony pages in the world won’t stop me from doing what I’m doing. The more you troll, the more sexual pictures I produce. I want them to grow accustomed to seeing me as I am, or they will continue to waste their time. People who are important in my life aren’t complaining, so they can keep their opinions to themselves.”

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