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Don’t date a lady who can’t afford to pay for her own transportation to come visit you – Pretty lady advises men.

Sandy, a lovely lady who goes by the name Sandy, has turned to social media to warn men to avoid entertaining broke girls in their lives, particularly those who do not have access to transportation to come and spend quality time with them.In a Facebook post, the lady highlighted several inappropriate behaviors displayed by certain modern women.Sandy also chastised women for not going out of their way to demonstrate their love, claiming that men never forget women who look after them or act selflessly in relationships.

“A girl who doesn’t have the money to see someone she claims to love,” she wrote.

“A lady who wants you to bring down the world for her because she can’t get you a birthday or Valentine’s day gift.””Someone who can’t call you on the phone for more than 5 minutes.” Even when you know you recently sent her airtime, she keeps blinking and whining that she doesn’t have it.”Someone who believes that being in a relationship is a job for which she should be compensated and cared for.” Someone whose only contribution to the relationship is s. e. K. x. (which is enjoyed by both parties.) She can’t contribute emotional, economical, or spiritual worth to your life. Never settle for less than a gorgeous lady; some females have money, and it’s a guy’s responsibility to spend it.”I’m sure some females may frown, but I’m not saying this because I have heaven and earth, no. In a relationship, small gestures like these matter. There’s really no such thing as a man.

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