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Davido’s daughter Imade recently asked her mom a question about her love life .

Nigerian singer, Davido’s daughter, Imade, recently posed an interesting question to her mum, Sophia Momodu, about her love life.

The mother of one had announced that she was single during a live session with her fans and followers on Instagram.

The inquisitive 7-year-old who was there when her mum noted that she’s single went on to ask if her superstar dad is the man in her mum’s life.“Mummy, who’s the man in your life? Is it my daddy?” Imade asked.Sophie then burst out laughing at her daughter’s question before clarifying that she’s indeed single.

,One can tell that Imade is a very inquisitive little girl by the kinds of questions she asks.A while ago, Imade asked her mother why she isn’t the one who gave birth to Hailey.

Davido shares Imade with Sophia. He shares his second daughter, Hailey, with Amanda, who is based in the US.Sophia caught the moment on camera and she shared it on her social media page.

Sophia Momodu told her daughter that she’s Hailey’s mother, but Imade then pointed to Amanda and told her mother that that’s Hailey’s mother.Sophia responded, telling Imade that Amanda is Hailey’s mum and so is she.


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