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Comedian Ashmusy says, “I’m tired of hiding it,” as she shares photos of her 6-month-old pregnancy.

Amarachi Amusi, a prominent comedian and actress, recently surprised her fans by revealing pictures of herself pregnant on social media. Not just a new pregnancy, but one that has been six months in the making. Many of her followers were caught aback when she made the announcement. In the photo he posted, she was heavily pregnant. In the comment, she apologized to her fans and admitted that she had been concealing her pregnancy using outdated videos and photos all along. She remarked that she is tired of keeping her pregnancy a secret.

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She went on to explain that the pregnancy is by far the finest blessing she has ever received, and she wants the rest of the world to know it. She went on to add how excited she is to see the baby. “24 weeks have passed!… and I’m tired of hiding it and posting old vids,” the description reads. This is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I want the rest of the world to know about it. I’m looking forward to receiving my surprise.
Her post, which gained a lot of attention on social media, startled many of her admirers. Some people are still reeling from the trauma. Many people were surprised to learn she was expecting a child, and some even accused her of lying and using Photoshop. Many of her fans congratulated her and wished her a happy birth.
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