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Chiamaka Obuekwe, a tourism blogger, writes, “Sometimes I regret getting married” as she reflects on her three-month-old failing marriage.

Chiamaka Obuekwe, a Nigerian tourist blogger, has admitted that she occasionally regrets marrying her ex-husband, Aniefiok Ntia.

After four years of dating, the couple married in January 2018, however their marriage only lasted three months.The entrepreneur used social media at the time to accuse Aniefiok of cheating on her with many women. ‘Aniefiok is now free to date all the gorgeous and slender girls,’ she says.
She delivered a public apology to him two months after her social media outburst, blaming it on mental stress.Chiamaka pondered on their short-lived marriage on her Instagram story today, December 28, which would have been their 4th traditional wedding anniversary, and confessed that she isn’t sure she wants to get married again.

Below is a her extensive post.

“As a result, I’m glad we’re both doing well.” To be honest, we don’t chat, but I have a feeling he’s doing well, which makes me happy.””Having said that, I do occasionally regret our marriage (my life was going so well and I was happy), but I’m learning not to because it’s all part of my life experience and it was intended to happen.”

“And there’s no way we’re getting back together.” I hope we can at least say hello to each other one day, but I’m not holding my breath.”Anyway, I’m still a lover girl who believes in love, and I’m happy for anyone who is in love for the right reasons and isn’t faking it or managing it.””But, you know, I can’t lie, I’m terrified of marriage.” All I want is an Oprah-Stedman romance. I’m not sure about children. (I’ve never said this out loud before) I’m pleased with my life and all I want is a partner with whom I can go on adventures with, not a siddon housewife who cooks soup from morning to night (kidding), but I do enjoy my freedom.”

“At the final moment of the day, we all want what we want, and I’m not afraid to be criticized for it.” I’m fortunate in that I’ve been married before and know that it’s not what I want. Some say it’s because mine wasn’t up to par. You could say that, but isn’t it true that everyone is meant to marry?””Some of us just want love and companionship without the certificates and all of that, and I’m not sure I can go through another wedding.””All I ask is for people to be able to speak their minds more openly and convey what they actually desire.” But I’m pretty sure that won’t happen anytime soon. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.”

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