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“Can you please tell me where the wedding pictures are?” “Una no marry, born pikin” – A video of a couple’s transformation sparks controversy.

After being uploaded on social media, a wonderful before and after video of a presumably long-term marriage received warmth, appreciation, and criticism at the same time.

This pair released a before and after video of themselves to illustrate how strong their relationship is becoming, as is customary among couples who flaunt their r0mance on social media these days.
The video begins with photographs of the couple in the early stages of their relationship, when they are just the two of them navigating through life together, before transitioning to more recent updates of them, including the birth of their child.

Although the video has won many hearts, some observant netizens have pointed out that there are no wedding photos or wedding bands on either of the couple’s fingers in the film, prompting some to condemn the couple.

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