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Burna Boy writes, “I know I’ve caused people pain and distress in the past,” as he explains he’s turned a new leaf.

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, famously known as Burna Boy, a popular Nigerian artist, has advised people to be nice and offer love to others.

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The Grammy winner, who admitted to causing people pain in the past, noted on his Instagram stories that he has turned a new leaf.According to the self-proclaimed African giant, he has resolved to bring joy to others for the rest of his days on this planet.

In his words: “That stranger you’re sitting next to on the bus or wherever is that person you’re looking at right now.” Even the person with whom you laugh and joke whenever you meet could be going through the worst kind of hell, and you won’t know until they’re gone. I know I’ve caused people grief in the past, but I swear on everything that for the rest of my days on this planet, when I ask “How are you doing?” I’ll always mean it from the bottom of my heart, and I’ll always be the cause of joy to others no matter what.”

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