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Burna Boy pulled down an overly enthusiastic fan who didn’t follow his warning (Video)

Burna Boy, a Grammy winner, shoved down an overexcited fan who didn’t listen his initial warning, according to a video footage circulating on social media.

Note that during his concert, Burna Boy spent some time to address fans who are likely to become overly excited and, as a result, climb on stage to make embarrassing scenes.Burna Boy, who took a brief break from his performance to make his case, said that he “usually fits enter” anyone who gets on his stage since he doesn’t know what they’re up to.
He also urged everyone to keep their composure and good manners, no matter how star-struck they may be.

screenshort below 👇🏿

Despite this warning, a fan jumped on Odogwu’s platform during a performance, receiving an unwelcome push that pushed him back into the crowd.

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