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“Building Up A Man Of Low Morality Is A Risky Thing” – Angela Okorie’s Hot Take

Angela Okorie, a popular Nigerian actress and composer, has warned her fellow ladies against marrying a man who lacks integrity.

Angela Okorie explains that it all comes down to sharpening the knife that would be used to stab you.

“It’s a dangerous thing to build up a man of low integrity!!” she wrote on Instagram. It’s the equivalent of sharpening a knife that will be used to stab you.

See the screenshot below 👇

Angela Okorie had went to her own social media website a few weeks back to slam certain nameless celebs.

Angela encouraged individuals who were not mentioned to respect her name in a lengthy Instagram post that she claims is meant to clear the air.

She stated that she has worked in the entertainment sector for many years and has carved out a niche for herself, never allowing anyone to touch what she has built.In a lengthy Instagram post, she criticizes her coworkers.

Angela Okorie wrote:

“I want to clear the air, to all dem stupid Quack, low-class, tacky so-called “Celebrities” who claim to have no pedigree. Put my big name on a pedestal of respect. Okay Look into it before you start with your poor self-esteem. And if you have an inferiority problem and are creating bogus identities to discuss garbage, ask yourself where you were 15 to 17 years ago. I’ve been grinding for years and won’t let any Mugu touch what I’ve strived to build, despite the fact that some of Dem still beg for roles as of when I run elections for people in power because of my Crowd. Don’t go there o Hmmmmm Street credibility Be Chice, not Chice. We don’t even know who you are. If you know you know, don’t be on social media. Even your favorites who gained from my fame years ago are still beefing quietly because they won’t tell themselves the truth and stop fooling and lying to themselves and the public.

It doesn’t matter how things go for them. Just look at how popular social media is. If you Jonse abeg avoid me o because I’m going to embarrass you and your entire family.

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