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Breaking: Eight Bodies Recovered, 16 Injured In Kaduna Train Attack

The Kaduna State government on Tuesday disclosed that eight bodies have been recovered, while 26 others were injured in the Kaduna train attack.

The Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, in a statement released on Tuesday, said several others are unaccounted for, as search operations continue.The state government noted that it has received the detailed passenger manifest from the Nigerian Railway Corporation.According to him, “The Kaduna State Government has received from the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), the detailed passenger manifest for the Abuja-Kaduna train service AK9, which was attacked by terrorists on Monday.

The documents received showed 398 passengers bought tickets for the trip, but 362 were validated as having boarded the train through the recognized turnstile.“The passenger manifest does not include NRC staff and security officials who were on board.“Furthermore, security agencies have reported that eight bodies were recovered and 26 persons were injured during the attack.

Investigations are still ongoing to ascertain the status of the passengers who were onboard the train and remain unaccounted for at the time of this update. Search operations are also being sustained.“Citizens are requested to contact the Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency on the phone line 09088923398, to make enquiries or provide information regarding passengers who were on board the Abuja-Kaduna train AK9.“Further updates will be communicated to the public.”


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