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Bobrisky apologize for widespread rumor that he and Mompha that they were engaged in a r0mantic relationship.

Bobrisky, a crossdresser, has apologized publicly to Mompha, a well-known Nigerian businessman.

Bobrisky apologized for the widespread rumor that they were having a romantic relationship.Bobrisky and Mompha, who were once close friends, had a social media spat late last year after Bobrisky’s former personal assistant Oye Kyme implied that they were lovers.
Mompha was enraged that Bobrisky did not come out right away to refute the claim. Bobrisky looked to have spilled more than the truth about Mompha during their dispute in December.

Mompha then took legal action, filing a lawsuit and demanding an apology from Bobrisky, his erstwhile friend.Bobrisky has now publicly apologized to him. In it, Bobrisky expressed his desire to begin 2022 in peace and apologized to Mompha, who had been kind to him.The crossdresser said in the video he shared;

“Mompha is a wonderful person. He’s a fantastic guy. He is the epitome of a gentleman, and I admire him greatly. I’m not sure how my relationship with Mompha began, but one thing I can recall is that he’s a terrific guy. Mompha has never looked down on me. To me, he’s like a brother. He’s been there before. Even before I was well-known. Mompha was present.It’s such a blunder on my part. I disrespected him, which is why I’m making this video to apologize to him. Many individuals don’t want me to be happy.Mompha is a fantastic individual. Mompha and I have never dated. My brother’s name is Mompha.

As I already stated, I made a mistake, and that is why I am making this video to express my regret to him. I’m hoping he’ll forgive me. He has the option to continue suing. He can still sue me, but I’m living in 2022 and don’t want to deal with anyone.”

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