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Binta Ayo Mogaji, a veteran actress, reveals up about her relationship with Jibola Dabo (Details Within)

Ayo Mogaji, a renowned actress, has finally spoken out about her one-time affair with legendary actor Jibola Dabo.”Jibola was simply my boyfriend at the time, however we had a child together before I married. We never married because we didn’t want to be wedded to each other.

“I’m married to Dr. Victor Ayodele Oduleye, a British psychotherapist,” she said of her relationship with the actor. “That does not exactly worry me,” she remarked when asked how she felt about younger performers enjoying and gaining brand endorsements from firms while only a fraction of the older actors benefit from the industry they struggled to create. Journalists like you will be important in assisting us in asking them what disqualifies us from such life-changing chances. Maybe we don’t work hard enough, or we can’t sleep enough, and we can’t exactly do what the younger ones are doing, or they can’t get what the younger ones are getting from us.”My director and I were just talking about this yesterday at the location where I am presently.” I’m not sure what their requirements are, but if you google my name, you’ll find out what I’ve done and other information.
Some people still believe you haven’t done enough and that only new faces can sell items and services, which is rather alarming. That’s fine; if somebody requires my assistance, they will contact me whenever the time arrives.”

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