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“Because one of us owns Dowen College, some of my colleagues will not speak.” Ubi Franklin

Ubi Franklin, the music mogul, has chastised some of his celebrity pals for remaining mute in the wake of Sylvester Oromoni’s murder.Oromoni was a Dowen College student who died as a result of injuries he got after being attacked by his seniors.The father of four criticized individuals who have remained silent because of the identity of the school’s owner in a series of tweets released on his Twitter feed on Friday, December 3, 2021.”I know some of my colleagues or Abi certain celebs will remain silent on the “dowen college” issue because one of our colleagues is the school’s owner. I’ve been keeping an eye on your pages, and I know she’s close to you, yes you. “Say something right now,” he wrote on Twitter.

“She might be able to see our fury on your page.” What if this boy was your son? We’re talking about a 12-year-old here. This craziness in classrooms has to come to an end.”

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