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Baby develops chronic kidney disease after her mom bleached her skin

Reports has it that a baby was diagonised with a chronic kidney disease after bleaching by her mom.

The mother of the baby bleached her baby’s skin because she claims she is darker than her other siblings.

Now, the infact is critically ill and at tge verge of death.

A heartbreaking news was twitted,

“How do you bleach your baby’s skin up to the point where they develop chronic kidney disease before age 10? An innocent child is at the brink of death due to the parents’ recklessness and I just can’t make sense of it.“When I say I hate paediatrics, most people assume it’s cause I don’t like kids but it’s because I just can’t stand parents. This should be a criminal offense, a defenseless human left in your care should not be treated this way.

Ignorance is no longer a good enough excuse. You are telling me you want to “bring out the baby’s colour cause she’s not as fair as her siblings.” You know what? I’m exhausted. I can’t.A woman from my former church wouldn’t touch her baby within the first few hours of life because she was convinced that he wasn’t hers. Her reason: “He’s just too black” Imagine not feeling the warmth of your mother fresh out of the womb because of this…This is a woman who is dark skinned with a husband with the same complexion. She said her first children did not come out that “black”. The tweet read.


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