Baba Ijesha sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for sexually assaulting comedienne, Princess’ foster daughter

Olanrewaju James, better known as Baba Ijesha, a Nollywood actor, was given a 16-year prison term for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.On Thursday, July 14, the troubled actor was found guilty in front of the Ikeja Domestic Violence and S*xual Offenses Court.

Baba Ijesha was found guilty of indecent treatment, s*xual assault, and attempted s*xual assault of comedienne, Princess’ foster daughter, by Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo, the presiding judge, in a two-hour trial.Justice Taiwo highlighted in her decision that the jail sentence would be served consecutively.

In April 2021, Princess alleged that the Nollywood star had molested her foster daughter, now 14 years old, sexually since she was 7 years old. Princess provided CCTV footage to support her claims, which showed Baba Ijesha touching the child in an inappropriate manner at that very moment. ICYMI.In other news, a Chinese man who allegedly abandoned his son at school after learning that he was not his own child has generated uproar online.According to reports, the dad normally picks up his 5-year-old son from school after dropping him off at school the previous week.

Concerned by this, the boy’s teacher, Chen, called the boy’s father to inquire as to why he hadn’t picked up his son from school, but the man adamantly refused to do so, claiming that he had run a DNA test and found he wasn’t the boy’s biological father.The youngster who goes by the alias “Xiao Rui,” according to the furious father, is now the school’s problem.Chen attempted to drop off Xiao at his home as well, but when he arrived, he found that it was vacant and that Xiao’s mother was nowhere to be found.

The police were contacted by the school after the event, and they spoke to Ziao’s grandfather and uncle, who allegedly also declined to pick up the youngster.Chinese users of the microblogging site Weibo are outraged by the revelation and express displeasure in both the boy’s father and mother.


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