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As they proceed on a luxurious date, crossdresser James Brown tells why he flaunts his ‘billionaire’ boo, Papito, online.

James Brown, a well-known crossdresser, has explained why he is showing off his claimed wealthy boyfriend, Papito, on social media.

This follows the infamous crossdresser’s Instagram post of a video clip from his pricey date with him.The pair arrived to the restaurant in a G-Wagon with police escort in the video posted on Sunday, January 23, and they were the center of attention.
He wrote in the caption,”Had a great time on our last date with Papito, the love of my life.Drop this video, my papito says, and let them know you have someone who loves you.If he loves you as much as you love him, be happy to flaunt him.”James Brown explained in a follow-up video that he is flaunting his boo because he has suffered in public and must now enjoy in public.

He claims that when he was single, he used to go on outings alone and it was very lonely and upsetting, but now that he is married, there is no way he would keep their moments together private.

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