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As Davido calls him to transfer his N100 million gift, Mr. Macaroni responds, “I can’t find my phones or tokens” (Video)

A well-known Nigerian celebrity Mr. Macaroni is a comedian, actor, activist, influencer, and social media figure best known as Mr. Macaroni. The camera caught him alone in his study room a few hours ago. He was dressed in his traditional native garb and was heard panting and sweating as though something was amiss with him.

While he was in that peculiar state, an unnamed young child who claimed to be his son entered with a phone and saw his behavior, asking why he was sweating so much. His son then added that one of the famous singers identified as Davido, who appears to be his friend, would like to speak to him right now, and the instant he heard his name, his heart panted so sweetly that he felt like he was going to pass away.

He finally got to speak with the musician, and he (Davido) admitted that he had been attempting to contact him since the dawn of the day, but to no avail. He told him that he couldn’t reach his five phones, which were clearly on the table in front of him and appeared to be in silent mode or turned off. He was given the phone call and finally spoke to him, telling him that his birthday was coming up in a few days and that everyone was sending him a hundred million naira and more to his account.
To divert Davido’s attention away from what he was saying, he began singing a song to wish him a happy birthday, but the 30B gang head informed him that he was anticipating a gift of $100 million from him and that he had lost his means of money transfer. Meanwhile, his son subsequently informed him that the singer had received the requested donations, and he (Mr. Macaroni) felt relieved and stated that he had finally located his tokens, which were hidden inside his drawer.
But, tragically for him, he was requested to send his contribution, at which point he began pleading with Davido for compassion because he couldn’t afford it. Finally, he added that if it weren’t for his various active projects, the said sum would be far too small for him to distribute.

This may interest you to know that Davido’s birthday is coming up in a few days, and he has decided to dare his friends to present him one hundred million naira each in order for him to know who are his actual friends. But, much to his surprise, money began to flow in, and the artist is reported to have amassed N99 million in less than an hour, according to finding.Mr macaroni is also a skilled comedian who enjoys making people laugh with his comedy sketch, as you are all aware. So this is just to make you grin, but in my opinion, it also portrays those types of people that may shy away from their friends when the situation calls for it.

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