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Amarachi, an IG comedian, mocks her ex-boyfriend for moving in with her friend just six months after they broke up.

Amarachi Amusi, better known on Instagram as Ashmusy, has resorted to social media to criticize her partner for moving in with her buddy.According to Ashmusy, she and her ex-boyfriend, Jude, broke up in June, and only six months later, he is asking her buddy out.

He explicitly asked her pal out this December, she said in a post on her Twitter page.

she tweeted: “We broke up in June, and now you’re asking my friend out in December?” “You’re a b*st*rd, Jude,”

see her post below ?

Take a look at some of the reactions

below.buchianoo; He hasn’t looked at her in a long time.??
yvies vogue; How do you date all these Jude and Barthlomew fellas????????Wahala o… The fact is, he’s been eyeing your friend since…, so the breakup has made it easier to toast her now……

bigdaddy ayo;??6 months isn’t long enough?This is how you call them out, quinbelbon.?Stop calling men slime and start wearing his name on your chest.jhessie__; But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

That was about 5 or 6 months ago.

prissy el; You have no idea what God has done for you, my sister.

tamie herbs; What will men do?????kelly premium; It’s painful, especially when she’s still battling her emotions and feelings!

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