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Ajidagba Claim That His Teeth Is More Brighter Than Davido’s Surgical Own.

Publicly, it has been known on all social media platform about the new show-off of popular Nigerian singer davido’s new expensive set of white teeth, It is trending now all over social media as davido spent millions of naira on the teeth surgical operation to make it more brighter and whiter.

Recently, he had been posting numerous pictures that shows his set of white teeth off, and almost all fan’s love it.But most surprising there had been a post from A self-acclaimed Social-Media Influencer and also a promoter Ajidagba kehinde he posted to his Facebook platform with a capture saying “My natural teeth is more brighter than davido’s surgical teeth”

See the screenshot below ?

Ajidagba kehinde was born on the month of March 03 year 2000, with massive followers of over 400k on facebook?
Having seen the popular Nigerian singer davido’s new set of white teeth appearance, posted a picture of himself on social media.

Ajidagba kehinde said; even without any Surgical operation being perform on his teeth, davido’s teeth is not in any form brighter or whiter than his own. During an interview with 9jadailyupdates.com, Ajidagba kehinde told our representative that Artificial beauty can never be compared to natural beauty.He said openly that “the beauty of my teeth is natural and it can never be compared to davido’s own.

He flaunt and show off his claim bright teeth in his recent post on facebook.

Davido’s had spent over millions of naira compared to mine which is natural and spent zero naira.

This picture has goes viral on social media, many people have been doubting maybe it’s true or not

Poeple’s comments on the post ?

@imam abdulqodir comments: wow I agree with you 100%

@playboo junior comments: Omo this teeth is white oo?

@Da v id comments: it’s really more brighter than davido’s teeth oo

@samuel adubiaro comments: Am sure davido needs to buy this your teeth because this is even more whiter than I see it

@bolly Irewole comments: Natural can never be compared to Artificial. O.B.O comma’ learn.

See screenshot below ?

What can you say about this?

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