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After ten years of waiting, a Nigerian mother d!es two days after giving birth to twins on Christmas Day.

Mrs. Gloria Chiaka Aderibigbe, a Nigerian woman, was said to have died two days after giving birth to twins.

Aderibigbe is believed to have waited ten years for the fruit of her womb before giving birth to her bundles of joy on December 23.Unfortunately, the happy moment was short-lived, as the family was plunged into mourning.According to the deceased’s sister, who shared the tragedy on Facebook, she developed complications shortly after giving birth to her babies and died two days later, on Christmas day.

“I’m at a loss for words, my dear sister.” Gee, Sis I refer to you as “you.” My padi, gist buddy, and own individual. Where do I begin, egbon mi….my world is shattered. How am I going to deal with ur death, egbon mi… You woke me up the first day and told me you were pregnant!!! My eyes were dilated from sleep...

“Why did you leave me with the twins, Gee God bless you We talked about the preparations, how we were set for their arrival, how we brought drinks and everything… Everything is in place for D-Day. Geeeee… We don’t talk like that naaa On Thursday night, I held you in my arms and congratulated you. I left and saw you in the ambulance, fighting for your life!!!!!!!

Sissssssss!!! I had no idea it was my last…n you died on Christmas Day, a day I will never forget. I made sure your pregnancy went smoothly, and all you did was rest… sis y na We had a lot of planned for ur maternity journey… n Death took you from me… How do I deal with ur death, Gloria?

After 8 years of living with you, I’ve learned a lot from your marriage and how you manage your home. You were selfless, sis mi. You were overly generous. You shine wherever you go. You’ve never had any enemies. You were a blessing to everyone you came into contact with. I’m not sure what else to say oooooo. I’ll never forget you, egbon mi. Yesterday was a day I will never forget. “Relax, sis…” She wrote.

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