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After losing his work, a man thanks his Oyibo wife for paying his expenses and providing him money to buy a car.

Bernard Musyoki, a 37-year-old guy, has expressed his gratitude for his American wife, Deborah Jan Spicer.Musyoki, a Kenyan from Kitui county, says he met Deborah, who is 70 years old, on Facebook in 2017.”After a week, I sent her a friend request and asked her to marry me, which she accepted.” He told TUKO.co.ke, “We even exchanged vows inbox.”

The young man planned to visit his lover in the United States in 2018, but he was denied a visa. Despite this, he never lost up.

“I applied for a visa again in March 2020, had an interview, but was denied a visa,” he explained.They continued in touch, and she decided to visit Kenya on December 29, 2020, to meet her prince charming.They traveled to Kitui, where Musyoki lives, upon her arrival, and decided to remain celibate till marriage.

“We used to sleep in separate rooms and make promises to one other that we would remain pure until we exchanged vows. He recounted, “We had someone in the house that used to live with us.”

Eventually, on February 2, 2021, the two lovebirds married in front of’strangers,’ who witnessed them exchange vows because their families were unable to attend.

“When I informed my family I was marrying Deborah, they felt it was a prank.” We saw the guy we used to live with and an internet cafe owner we met in town. He said, “They were the ones who signed our marriage certificate.”Musyoki, who is half his wife’s age, said he got mixed emotions when he went to Mwingi to meet Deborah’s relatives.

“Several people said she was my sponsor… all sorts of things

My mother was actually opposed to the notion, but she eventually came around,” he remarked.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the young man who used to work at a Christian NGO in Kitui lost his job in April 2020, and his loving wife has been paying his bills ever then.”She used to send me money, and she even sent me money to buy a car last year,” he added.They had the best four months after marriage, according to the soft-spoken man, before Deborah fled. The 70-year-old, who resides in Michigan, was compelled to extend her visa for a few months before having to leave before it expired on June 8.

He previously approached the US embassy in the hopes of getting lucky this time, but his application was once again denied.Musyoki insisted that he is in love with her for the right reasons and not for the money.

Age is nothing more than a number. Follow your heart if you love someone. True love exists regardless of the age gap. I adore her and want to look after her, especially now that she is older.”She is a very loving person.” Three times a day, she phones me. I relished every moment we spent together during her visit…in bed and out.”The Kenyan man expressed his desire that the US Embassy would grant him a visa so that he could rejoin with his wife one day.”We’d like to spend the rest of our lives together,” he continued.

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