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After five years of marriage, a woman gives birth to a kid and shares a voice message from a friend who classified her as barren.

Following the birth of her first kid five years after marriage, a Nigerian mother is in a joyous mood.

The woman, who took to social media to thank God for the arrival of her bundle of joy, detailed all of the challenges she faced before eventually welcoming a kid, including a friend who declared her barren to her face.

She claims she conceived her baby spontaneously after losing many early pregnancies, two IVF cycles, and a second trimester twin pregnancy.The new mother shared the voice mail in which the lady called her barren, She wrote;

“It took us 5 solid years , 6weeks ,2days few hours and some seconds to make you …. (PERFECTION AT ITS PEAK 👌ISN’T IT ? 😁) After multiple early pregnancy lost and 2 times IVF 2nd trimester TWIN pregnancy lost, my RAINBOW 🌈 came NATURALLY without us even trying but just a prophetic word from a pastor I never met …(brb lemme GBESE💃💃)

“People said the most terrible things to me, like….. 1) Because fair girls are river children, you must make some sacrifices in order for them to release your children…. don’t eat fresh fish, don’t drink Fanta, and other bla bla bla

2) You angered someone, and as a result, your womb was tied ( ouch lol )

3) The most common of all is A BARREN WOMAN (the voice you heard at the beginning is from a despised girl named AISOSA and her accomplice PRECIOUS who urgently wanted to take over my home “unbeknownst to them, I was 3 months pregnant at the time she gave the voice note.”SOOOOO…LADIES and GENTLEMEN…coughs” (please don’t attempt to hurry me). I’ve recently given birth to a child)…. In the guise of “MY” CHILD, I give to you my heart, kidneys, and other essential organs of my body.

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