After a’surprise’ pregnancy, a transgender man gives birth to a son.

Ryan Sanderson, a 24-year-old transgender male, told how he “unexpectedly” gave birth to a son after never intending to be pregnant.

Sanderson, a theater student from Rochdale, Manchester, has been undergoing hormone therapies and transitioning from female to male for some years.
He also assumed his now-ex girlfriend was infertile, but despite this, Ryan learned he was pregnant in 2019 after nine weeks of hormone therapies, and now has a son named Hendrick.
“I didn’t believe I could get pregnant when on testosterone, until I found out that I was. I think more trans men need to understand that they can get pregnant. My ex-partner was under the impression that he was infertile, but that wasn’t the case.” He told Metro UK.

He continued his hormone therapy in 2021 and claims to have completed the course.”

When I discovered out I was expecting, Hendrick became my entire world.” My doctor was concerned about complications, but my pregnancy went off without a hitch. Thankfully, I had a wonderful team of midwives who addressed me with the proper pronouns and always apologized if they made a mistake. They’d ask questions now and again, and it felt amazing to be able to answer them without offending them in any way.” He went on to say.

Ryan claims that his ex-partner has informed him that he would not be involved in the child’s training, so he will act as a ‘baby daddy’ with the help of his loving mother, Janette.”I’d be lost without her,” he admitted. ‘She is a super-hero co-parent to both Hendrick and me, and she does so much for us.’My ex-partner doesn’t want to be in the picture, but the rest of my family and friends are 100% behind me.’

Ryan, when asked about his transition, said,”I’d worked for so long to become my true self, and had to travel to a private GP to acquire testosterone; I’d known I was a guy since I was seven years old and came out at the age of 19. Since coming out as Ryan, I’ve had this sense of liberation that I never had as a female; I do things for myself rather than what society dictates particular genders should do.”

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