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Adetutu, a tribal markings model, said, “I’m extremely disappointed in marriage that I fled out two weeks after engagement.”

Adetutu Alabi, better known as Adetutu OJ, a popular Nigerian tribal model, has announced that she has canceled a two-week engagement.

Adetutu, who previously welcomed a baby boy, revealed this in a Facebook post on her feelings towards marriage.She claims that marriage has failed her and that she has come to the decision that marriage is not for her.

“I’m so dissatisfied with marriage that I left two weeks after our engagement.” I don’t think so; marriage isn’t for me. I didn’t give birth to two children, but I’m quite satisfied with them as they are.” She wrote.

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However, Adetutu, a well-known tribal model, is unafraid to admit that she makes money by selling nude photos and videos on the internet.The single mother of two, who rose to stardom after American superstar Rihanna followed her on social media, has revealed that sex work is job and that she would rather do it than beg on the internet.Adetutu took to Snapchat to respond to fans/trolls who were upset about the way she paid her expenses.

“You added me on Snapchat to spy on me, and you also asked why I’m doing online s*x job. Mr. scamming ass nigga, how is it going for you? I don’t think I need to go into detail about the bills and tasks I’m responsible for. I’m a single mother of a 12-year-old daughter.”As a model with tribal marks, brands don’t really give a f**k.” The majority of them are only faming me since Rihanna followed me. Because I don’t have my own studio yet, my beading classes are only held once in a blue moon.

“Stop interrogating me about how I struggle to make ends meet and survive. To survive, I’d rather sell my nudists and videos than grovel on the internet. Ire ooo. #s*xworkiswork”

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