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Adekunle Gold Explain The Reasons Why He Totally Changed His Sound and Appearance

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Adekunle Gold has been around for a long time!Adekunle Gold made a name for himself in Nigerian music when he released the hit track Sade, and he followed it up with more major tunes like Orente, Ariwo Ko, and Pick Up. He was dubbed the “next King Sunny Ade” at the time since he sang primarily in Yoruba and leaned heavily on the highlife sound.

Then Adekunle changed things up! The follow-up to his breakthrough album Gold had a distinct sound. About 30 included a lot more pop-oriented tracks, such as Call on Me and Fame. Adekunle’s biggest singles from this year, Sinner and High, are a far cry from Sade’s original sound. His image changed in tandem with his music.
Adekunle Gold, who was previously frail, has grown into AG Baby, a thicker, more blinged-out version of himself.
Adekunle Gold is fully aware of the changes to his music and appearance, and he discusses them in a recent interview. Adekunle Gold has this to say about his new sound and appearance.
“From the artist that you were then to ‘AG Baby’ as you are now, have you always envisioned taking this turn?” Adekunle Gold was questioned in an interview with Pan African Music. He replied by saying:

“To some extent, yes. What I did back then was akin to a menacing grin. I believe people would have loved me sooner if they had known where I was taking this music. Of course, the sound I was making at the time was and always will be magnificent, but I was bored and needed to do something else. When I made the Gold record, I knew exactly what sound I wanted to achieve, and on the day it was released, I promised that the next album would be an upgrade. I knew my sophomore album would include pop and highlife aspects, as evidenced by “Fame,” “Call On Me,” which are pop songs, and “Ire,” “Surrender,” which have highlife influences. People thought I was insane when I switched from full highlife to “Call On Me,” a pop song. It was a huge deal.

“On maturing into the popstar that you are now, what were some of the things you did to get to this point?” he was asked later. which he responded with:

Surprisingly, I had to leave everyone behind, even friends, on the journey. Some people adore you and wish to keep you for themselves, hoping you would not change. People assumed I wanted to be King Sunny Ade all the time (KSA). I made it plain that KSA is not going anywhere and that there will never be another him, so let him keep his throne and continue to be legendary while I go be me. When I first started writing songs like “Call On Me,” some individuals dropped out because they didn’t understand the vision, and I had to persuade them that it would work. I’m thankful for my boss, Niyi, because we had to overcome a lot of opposition to persuade people to believe in the new approach. Pheelz, Michael, and, of course, Simi, my producers, were also crucial to the process. It cost a lot of money. Then I started writing, listening to music that wasn’t in my usual genre, and even listening to rappers. I began to write and collaborate with producers who would provide me with something unique. I used to go to sessions with Moelogo and other songwriters just to see how they worked. All of this provided information to the pop star that I am now. It took me three years to gain this level of confidence in the work I now do.

“How did you make it look so easy?” he was asked. Adekunle replied with the following:

“I’m not the type to give up easily. I wanted to grow, and I was going to do it regardless of whether or not others understood. I’m not the same person I was when I launched Gold today. My catalog is growing crazier, my numbers are outrageous, I’m buff, and my hair is longer now that I have a child. So much has changed in such a short period of time…

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