Actress Mary Lazarus says she’ll gladly collect money from politicians

The movie star says it doesnt guarantee that shell vote for them.

Nollywood actress Mary Lazarus has revealed that she’ll gladly collect money from any politician canvassing for votes.

Lazarus’ post came days after her colleague and reality TV star Ifuennada placed a curse on any celebrity planning to collect money from aspiring politicians.

“Thunder will fire any celebrity that collects money to campaign for useless candidates in the forthcoming elections. We must all put greed aside and do what is right for once,” she wrote.

The movie star made this known via her Instagram Stories on Monday, March 21, 2022.

“If any politician gives me money to vote for him or her, I will gladly collect the money. Na my money…especially the ones when don rule before…but I go use my head vote,” she wrote.

Lots of you go on vacation to exotic countries – countries that have a good working system. I’m sure if you’re non-Nigerian, Nigeria will be the last place you’d want to vacation because of how everything is m*ssed up.

“Ifuennada joined the list of celebrities who have taken a bold stance on the next general elections.


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