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Actress Lizzy Omo Ibadan says her father is pressuring her to bring her boyfriend.

Adeyela Adebola, well known as Lizzy Jay or Omo Ibadan, a prominent skit maker and actor, has spoken out about how her father has been wanting to meet her lover.

The actress, who claimed she wasn’t picky, said she didn’t have high expectations from a partner, but she did want a fine man who was taller than her.

Lizzy Jay told The Punch in an interview;

“I’m not in a hurry to tie the knot. I adore babies and have always wished to have my own children, but I’m not in a hurry. I’d like to take things one by one. First and foremost, a great relationship before to marriage.My parents aren’t pressuring me to marry, but they do remind me that I’m not getting any younger. My father occasionally requests that I show him my partner.

But I deftly avoid him. My mother also advises me against doing too much shakara for men, but this isn’t because I’m picky or have excessive expectations. “I just haven’t met my match.””I haven’t met anyone with whom I wish to make plans for the future.” A fine man appeals to me. He has to be taller than I am. I’m not looking for someone my height. It won’t be pleasant at all. I want someone who loves and desires me more than I desire him.I’m not suggesting he be extremely wealthy, but rather someone with whom I can envision the future and collaborate to achieve big things. He doesn’t have to be an entertainer; I’ve never dated one, but if God says so, I’m fine with it.” “Cute Abiola is a wonderful friend of mine, but we are not in a relationship.”

“As I become older, I desire more from life.” My desires have grown, and I now desire new items. I just want to do the unthinkable with my life and abilities. My desire to learn new things has increased. Aside from making skits, I aim to be a talented and intellectual filmmaker. Apart from the well-known ‘Omo Ibadan,” I wish to create a new moniker.”

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