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Actress Biola Adekunle says: “I can do everything as an actress except go nak£d.”

Biola Adekunle, a Nollywood actor and producer, has revealed that getting married to her husband limited the types of romantic parts she could play in films.

“Marriage had no negative impact on my job because my husband is a fan of what I do.” I can play any character, but I’m not interested in playing romantic roles. He is my pillar and occasionally joins me on stage. He isn’t the type of man to be envious; I assume it’s because he has faith in me. It was difficult for me to act as a tout in a movie at first, but my manager encouraged me to do so.

“I can do anything for my job, but I won’t go nak£d for it.” Despite the industry’s history of unsuccessful marriages, I was not afraid to marry because I knew I was marrying a buddy. My husband is unconcerned about rumors or gossip about me. He claims that it is due to the nature of my work.

“I’m always cautious in the film industry; I don’t aim to impress anyone.” I’m free to dress however I choose. I’m producing movies these days because I basically want to keep my career alive. At the end of the day, I don’t make enough money from the films I make. Marketers often come up with a variety of reasons to justify their actions. “Most of us have a’side hustle’ (another business) since the earnings we make aren’t particularly outstanding,” she told Saturday Beats.She also discussed how she handles some of the harsh comments she receives on social media.

“I’ve seen a few unpleasant comments about me on social media, but I don’t let it bother me.” Someone once informed her that she didn’t look as sophisticated as her colleagues,” she continued.

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