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Actor Ibrahim Chatta cries out, “Dear Lord, Please Save Me,” as he admits to being depressed.

Ibrahim Chatta, a well-known Yoruba film actor, recently appealed for assistance on his Instagram page. The actor shared a selfie of himself taken on set with a caption in which he revealed he is depressed. Several of Chatta’s followers and coworkers have sent encouraging comments in his comment section.

Ibrahim Chatta obviously goes through a difficult period, as the actor recently stated that he hasn’t been in the best of mental health. The actor admitted to being depressed.
Ibrahim Chatta contributed to this image. Instagram is the source of this information. Actor confesses to being depressed. Chatta, a prominent Yoruba movie star, shared a post on his 1.5 million-follower Instagram page in which he admitted to being depressed. Despite not revealing the nature of his problem, the actor prayed to God for assistance, saying he had been “living with frustration for some time now.”

He captioned a snapshot of himself on set with:”Oh God please, please For a long time, I’ve been living with irritation while pretending that everything was fine. I’m currently depressed. Please, Lord, save me.”

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