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A Nigerian woman outlines the types of men she will NEVER marry.

Mariam, a media celebrity, took to Twitter to disclose the types of men she will never date or marry.

She believes she can never marry a man who has smoked, consumed alcohol, committed fraud, or engaged in sexual immorality.She said that she can’t ignore these things since people don’t change and there’s a chance he’ll do it again.

she tweeted;

“I can never marry a man who has ever smoked, drank, done yahoo, conned people, patronized prostitutes, hoed around, been anonymous on Twitter, or wasted money at clubs… I don’t care if he did it once or if it’s something he’s done before. “It’s not easy to break old habits.”

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This has sparked a debate online, with many people claiming that her odds of meeting a man who has never done the things she listed are limited to none.Others argued that not performing those things does not ensure a man will be a good husband.

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“That’s her wish, and she’ll get it,” @chopfresh ng wrote. “You shall have everything you say,” says the narrator… However, just because he doesn’t do the things she stated doesn’t indicate he’s a good person… Mariam, may God not let you miss it.”

“Problem be say this sort of men dey monastery, and monk no dey marriage,” @jenlushnails wrote. “I’m very sorry, sweetheart.””

Get ready to be single for the rest of your life,” @e funnaya wrote.

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