A Nigerian man was caught. After digging a pit in his room and attempting to bury his victim alive.

After digging a grave in his chamber and attempting to bury his victim alive for a money ceremony, a young Nigerian man was captured.

According to reports, the suspect dug a pit in his room in order to bury his victim alive as part of a ritual, but the victim managed to flee and notified the neighbors.On Thursday, January 6, the tragedy occurred at Ubomiri community, Mbaitoli Local Government Area, Imo State.Eyewitnesses were heard claiming the man wanted to undertake the rite because he wanted to acquire a new car in a video that was published on social media.
A woman overheard in the background revealing that she had frequently stated that the man was nasty, but that no one believed her.The victim, according to the Daily Post, is a 14-year-old boy who lives in the neighborhood.According to reports, the suspect invited the child to his flat to run an errand. When he arrived in his room, he was greeted by an unsuspecting young lad who was blasting loud music from his home theater.According to the Daily Post, as soon as the 14-year-old entered the room, the suspect slammed the door, slashed him with a machete, and threatened to shove him into the already dug hole.

The boy’s screams drew the attention of neighbors, who knocked down the door and rescued him before handing the ritualist over to the cops.

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