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A Nigerian man constructs a four-bedroom house for his mother and tells an emotive narrative about how his mother Sacrificed for him and his brothers since their father’s death

Mazi Ogbonnaya, a Nigerian man, took to social media to share images of the freshly constructed house he given his mother, and he seized the opportunity to thank her for all the sacrifices she has made to care for him and his siblings since their father’s death.

“A small four-bedroom flat bungalow given to his mother by a son. When the youngster was four years old, he lost his father. For the past 24 years, this woman has been a widow. She grew up to be the father the boy knew.

The youngster would watch as his mother struggled to feed him and his brothers and sisters.Her life was also made difficult by some relatives. The lad stood there watching her toil, starving herself in order to feed her children.The youngster stated enough was enough when he was in primary school. He needs to help his mum in some way.
He began by selling water in the market and progressed to becoming a sales boy. Mother tried to intervene, but the boy was unyielding. From the money he saved in Primary 4, the child purchased a cooking pot for his mother. That pot meant a lot to the mother, and she still keeps it.This didn’t stop the youngster from obtaining first place from primary school until the end. He was a hustler who believed in rewriting history for the better.He had wished to please his mum. He had fantasized of wiping her tears away.She was questioned whether she wanted to stay or remarry after the death of her husband, who was doing well before he died in an accident in 1997. Mother insisted that she stay and raise her wonderful husband’s children.Mother is able to

This son was dubbed “di m” by his mother, which means “my husband.”Ogbonnaya is the name of the young man. The boy was given his father’s name. He is known by his given name. He acts as if he is one. Assisting his mum with her needs.The lady was quite helpful. She planned to punish the child for mingling with certain boys she suspected of deception.Mother, the boy believed, was being naughty. But, as time went on, he realized she was correct to protect him. As he grew older, the youngster developed a passion for reading. He made his home in an unfinished structure. There, he read and wrote books. His mother would tell his brothers and sisters not to bother him.It’s best if the boy is left alone.

At the age of 18, I enrolled in Nigeria’s Nska University. When the youngster sneaked away to find his way after those he looked up to decided to pick his fate for him and he declined, his mother was at mgw and didn’t know. It was all a gamble.The young man accepted his fate and set out to find his future. To keep his mother from getting BP, the youngster would act as if everything was fine. He’d scrounge together some cash and send it to her, stating that everything was wonderful when he was barely getting by.The child established a name for himself in Nska when one of his books became a national song in several high schools. His mother slaughtered a cock for him to celebrate his triumph the day he graduated and returned home.The boy returned home after in the minds of everyone he had no job.

was quite hefty. The roof of the house his father built years ago was blown off by the wind. He noticed the mother sobbing. He remained silent. His thoughts were wandering as to what he should do.The youngster told his mother in the morning:”Call me a carpenter,” says the narrator.”Where did you see money to roof the house?” Mother said. Where? You haven’t found a job yet.”The youngster laughed. “First, call me a carpenter.”She went ahead and did it.”How much will it cost to tear down this entire roof and re-roof it?” the child inquired of the carpenter, who was equally surprised. People who are unemployed talk of robbing a house.They set off in search of construction materials. A truck loaded with timber and zinc arrived at the compound a few hours later.Mother and neighbors were in a bad mood.

I don’t need to be a billionaire before I surprise my mum, but then I have to do this..said by him

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