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“A man who cannot cook is an easy target for the devil,” says Shola Adeoye, a Nigerian pastor.

Shola Adeoye, a Nigerian pastor in Houston, has urged parents to teach their boys how to cook since it will come in handy someday.

In an Instagram post, the priest claimed that a man who can’t cook is an easy target for the devil since he’ll wind up eating his adversary’s cuisine.Teach your boys that a man who can’t cook is an easy target for the devil. He will consume his adversary’s food without realizing it. Teach your children how to manage the kitchen. They will require it at some point.” He penned something.

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Adeoye claimed a while back that some pastors entertain their guest ministers by providing them with attractive women after they’ve finished preaching.Dr. Shola Adeoye, the founder of Lighthouse Church, told his Instagram followers that he has witnessed the act several times and that the church is in desperate need of transformation.On Instagram, the preacher wrote,”Did you know that after preaching, pastors entertain their guest preachers with gorgeous ladies?” Don’t be surprised; I’ve seen it happen before. The Catholic Church is in serious jeopardy. A transformation is required. “May God be with us.”

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