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A man rejoices as his girlfriend receives a promotion at her job, which pays her a larger annual salary than his own.

Deji Ayoola, a Nigerian guy, took to social media to congratulate his girlfriend on her job advancement, which came in the form of a pay raise.According to the young man, his wife received a three-fold boost over her former pay.He also claimed that she now earns more than he does on a yearly basis. Deji expressed his delight at the news.When a follower expressed gratitude for the information, he responded that his girlfriend is wealthy.

This is what the man wrote:”
My girlfriend recently got a three-fold raise!!!!!!”She now earns more than I do on an annual basis.I’m out of gas!!!!!!!!

Guy, she’s a millionaire! “I’ve never earned an income at that level.”

His message elicited mixed replies, with some congratulating the couple and others believing that their love would not continue.

poeple reactions 👇

@naikiadex; Congratulations! She’s not likely to marry you in the long run. Reality will soon set in.

@Ogbeniife’ When a sane man sees his girlfriend achieve amazing things, he should react just like this. Feeling insecure? Get bitchy!

@Rankin MD; Baba Nla is a character in the film Baba Nla. Oh, you’re living my fantasy. I just want to be a stay-at-home dad who can take care of the kids while flexing the Metaverse and buying dip. fk my job x 1099 fk my job x 1099 fk my jobCongratulations,

@JFamakin!! I don’t believe the analogy was required.

@artofibukun; I’m getting closer to being a stay-at-home dad!!!! The Ultimate Dream!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

@witty welz; It’s an exciting moment to be alive. It’s rocket time to famz my own pal. Congratulations. ‘Stay at home’ hubby on the way?

@d danritgo; If you’re still shouting ‘girlfriend,’ you’d better get your act together oga.

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