A man discovers via DNA test that he is not the biological father of his own son, despite suspicions that his grandchildren belong to another man.

Dr. Penking, a well-known Nigerian doctor, has given a challenging story about a guy discovering that he is not the biological father of his son.He revealed that the guy disliked his daughter-in-law and covertly tested his three grandchildren’s DNA. The grandpa was used as a baseline, and the results revealed that none of the children were blood relatives.

Notwithstanding, after more investigation, it was discovered that the father of the three children is not his biological son.

Dr Penking wrote;

”Father-In-Law hated son’s wife and secretly did DNA Test on her three children and used himself as the baseline. Result revealed that they were not his blood.More analysis revealed that the children actually belonged to the son but that his “SON” is not his own.”

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