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“A cheating man will always love his wife, but a cheating woman will never love her husband,” says a man who starts a debate.

Austin Bebara Abaye JP, a Nigerian journalist, believes that men who cheat on their wives love them more than women who cheat on their husbands.

When comparing a cheating man to a cheating woman, Austin pointed out that a man who cheats on his wife by dating another woman is still in love with her, whereas an unfaithful wife will never love her husband.He expressed his thoughts on Facebook,

He wrote;

“A cheating man is still very much in love with his wife but a cheating woman will never love her husband”.

Divergent opinions were expressed in response to this statement. Some people on social media agreed with him, while others disagreed.

see some people’s reactions below 👇🏿

@Kemepadei Bodmas, “There is no cheating manual, my sweetheart.” It’s a decision to engage in this cheating crap. It’s not a blunder. If a woman can be faithful, so can a man…and it’s not just because of hormones. If I’m not mistaken, a woman with a high libido chooses to be faithful. How can you claim to love your wife and then cheat on her? Make sure una carries that type of affection for my face abeg.”

@Chinonye A. Maureen, “Why cheat if you still love your wife?”

@Philip Ritex, “Weldone cheats of the highest kind. No single person is in charge of harmful behavior.”

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